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I voted Taris because it seems the most likely. We already saw a reference to it being rebuilt in a screenshot, it was in aurebesh on a display.

I'd rule out Corellia, Dantooine, Kashyyyk, Tatooine, and maybe Hoth since TOR so far has been making sure not to recycle planets used in SWG. We can rule out a few for lore reasons too. Tython fills the niche of Jedi Temple planet, so no need for Dantooine. Hoth is a cold hellhole thats only relevance was the Rebels picking a base, which they did because it's never had anything happen there. Anchorhead is swallowed up by the sands regularly, leaving no habitable settlements on Tatooine; I think Anchorhead's covered up currently. Dagobah is likewise a nothing world that made it perfect for Yoda to hide on; I can't imagine any sort of content there. I don't know much about Kashyyyk and Corellia in this era, have they been in the Threat of Peace comics?

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