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The Eternal War

The Eternal War

I created you like the others that came before
Created you to be the same, but different.
For you hold something special.

His and his follower’s temptations shall be great,
But I warn you against them.
For they once held place in my Eternal Kingdom,
But became blinded by pride.

You will see things no one else around you could possibly.
Live like the others around you.
And when the time has come, you will hear my voice.
And return to my Kingdom you shall.

The words echoed through the minds of many, and yet few. The creator of creation was sending something down to learn and live like normal humans. But for this one particular being, its life was going to be far from ordinary. Voices cried of the Eternal War between the creator of creation and the most beautiful creation of all. But the beautiful creation became blinded by the feeling of pride and believed himself better than that which created him. So the war from above and below continues to this way, making our existence, the very land we thrive upon they’re battle field. To this day the war remains at a stale mate, but now with the existence of one. The tides may turn, and the power of hell may control the land, or the reign of heaven may hold true.

You ask why would the creator of creation just let this being go? I tell you to see and learn. You ask why would the creator of creation place something so important upon the humans? I tell you to see the power of the human heart.


The light surrounding Tihon was bright and warm. But this feeling, this dreadful feeling of falling was to unmistakingly clear as the light that once surrounded him as he fell from its embrace. Then suddenly an impact so hard it shook his whole body. Tihon wasn't sure what was going on, all he knew for certain is that now he was surrounded by a shade of gray. And the noises that surrounded him, the beeps, and noises were almost agonizing torcher to him.

Then voices, soft subtle voices grew closer and closer as if he was being surrounded by millions of people all at once. Moving his fingers slowly he felt a rough hard surface scrap against his skin of his fingers. Slight discomfort started to rise through his body once again as he tried moving. The ability to stand or even sit up eluded him however as he continued to lay upon the cold surface.

"Dove sono?" the words slipped slowly off his tongue and out of his mouth as he laid there in confusion.

((If the translation is right that should be Italian for Where am I?))

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