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Originally Posted by D'oh View Post
It's called the law. I think I clearly stated the facts for jail time and the crime he was charge with. Mario Reyes the man he killed will never see a sunset etc.
Didn't die by an accident Donte was drunk. Florida law says you must go to jail for ten years if you are sorry or not sorry. IT all leads to money .
If you can't see my point then I guess we'll agree to disagree.
The idea that the law should be executed to the letter regardless of circumstances is contradictory, since the letter of the law says to take all the circumstances into account.

A zero tolerance policy doesn't work in schools, because it doesn't work in reality. Therefore, if an absolute law does not work on the most impressionable of society, in a mostly closed environment(school), there is no way it will work on our adults, in the real world.

Originally Posted by Jae Onasi View Post
Perhaps to keep him from driving drunk again and killing more people? I don't care if he was remorseful--he never should have gotten behind the wheel in the first place.
Yes because clearly, he has a killer instinct, and every time he gets into a car, he gets this dark, Neanderthal desire to go mow people down with his $200k Bently. Because that's totally what rich football players do. Buy cars that cost more than our homes and then kill people with them.

You don't have to send people to jail for driving drunk. The effects of alcohol on the brain are clearly documented. For someone so up on medical stuff, you should know this. Perhaps we should design all cars with a Breathalyzer, because ya know, impinging upon the freedoms of everyone because a minority are idiots is the American way.

And besides, that won't stop him from driving drunk, only stop him from doing it while in prison. As soon as you let him out, he could do it again? Are you going to argue that we should then never let him out of prison? I think that's an argument you'll lose except with the most hardcore anti-drunk-driving people.

While taking away his licenses, taking away all his cars, and heck, even preventing him from entering a car where he's within 5 feet of the wheel, that won't prevent anything. It will only make a repeat offense less likely.

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