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Why is everybody saying Obsiden did a bad job with KOTOR 2. They were actually pushed by LucanArts to finish the game before Christmas 2004! I say give them another shot at KOTOR 3. Besides, Obsiden and Bioware would both have their fair share in KOTOR. Bioware with KOTOR 1 and TOR and Obsiden with KOTOR 2 and KOTOR 3. Here's what I would like to see in KOTOR 3.


(not really a planet) but the capital ship where the game opens up, The NEW HOPE.


Telos IV


Nar Shadda

Nal Hutta


Raxus Prime (At this time it is an urban sprawled Sith City)

Rhen Var

The Rebuilt Star Forge

Revan's Planet

Academy of the ancient Sith

For Party members....

The Apostle (The player's main character and high general of Revan like the exile)

Admiral Onasi (An older version of Carth in early to mid fifties)

"Jaq" the commander (An older version of Atton Rand who joins the republic Army)

Kala Ordo (Famed bounty hunter and, if the character is a male, his love interest)


T3-M4 (I think thats his number)

Master Atris

Mandalore the Preserver

Groobe Cras (If player is female, her love interest)

General Bindo (Jolee 9 years after the events of the first KOTOR).

Opening Crawl

It has been Five years since the defeat of DARTH NIHLUS and the last sith cult has been wiped from the face of the galaxy. Under the leadership of BASTILA SHAN, the Jedi Order has slowly grown back to its fromer glory.

Supreme chancellor MARR has assigned Republic restoration fleets to be stationed in the outer and mid rims to patrol for any possible threats to the Galactic Republic. One of these fleets, under the command of Admiral CARTH ONASI has the post of Patroling over the outer rim world of Bespin and stop Mandalorian raids.

His secret duty however is guarding a young Jedi on the decks of his ship The NEW HOPE. This Jedi is the last serviving Jedi of the Mandalorian Wars and follower of the redeemed Dark Lord REVAN.

This Jedi may prove to be of some use to the Republic, so without any haste, The vessel rushes to the core worlds, only to be ambushed by a bold band of Mandalorian pirates.......

Knights of the OLD Republic: The Jedi Masters
Christmas 2011.
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