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Like most adults I do drink and have been drunk before. Unlike many, I refuse to drive for the rest of the night no matter if I've had one beer three hours ago or am falling over myself trying to find the bathroom. I value my life, that of others around me, my career, and my hobby (racing) much more than the convenience of not taking a cab or calling someone. I just won't drive, or won't drink.

As for drunk drivers and penalties, in my opinion the US is far too lax on the subject. One DUI can be chocked up to a mistake in judgement but should still be heavily penalized. Two should mean jail time and permanent revocation of driving privileges. I had an alcoholic uncle who did kill someone while driving drunk and come from a family where alcoholism is unfortunately rather prevalent. I still have absolutely no sympathy for people who drive drunk. People that unbelievably stupid, selfish, and self-centered should be locked up as they really are a menace to society.

If they choose to drive while drunk and endanger my life, I have no problem with them either dying through their own stupidity or going to jail for decades. It's practically attempted murder or manslaughter. I won't shed any tears for someone that stupid.

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