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Hi guys! I'm new to the forum and I'm a big Grim Fandango fan - I love just about everything about it, the characters, the storyline, the graphics, the jokes, the music... but you probably know all too well what I'm talking about.

Anyway, here is my tattoo, made approximately 9 months ago, during 7 hours (two sessions). The whole thing has cost me about 320 USD (planning and drawing of the tattoo included). It's not a *real* Grim Fandango tattoo (I didn't want it to be too geek... ^^" so respect for everybody who has chosen the REAL DEAL ), but is heavily influenced by my adventures on the Land of the Dead, where music is everywhere and dead skeletons break out in blossom...

Anyway the next one will possibly be a Manny/Rick Blaine (Bogart in Casablanca) figure in white suit. Gotta love that one.

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