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Posts: 398 was very strange. Aiden had wandered into a barn next to the field, looking for any signs of life. But there were none. Outside, in the fields and plains and grass, there was nothing. It was rather curious, as there were plenty of objects lying about that indicated that the obviously worn place was still not yet abandoned. The rustic air of the place had gotten to him, and now he was forced to search this place, and whether for malevolent intent or curiosity, he would still do it.

But before he could leave the old barn, he just stood there, taking in what at first seemed like a considerably pointless scene. But something about it got to him. The window in the front of the barn cast light onto a spot in front of him, onto a wooden table piled with tools.

Tools were not the only things here, it seemed.

As dust blew onto Aiden's face, and he stepped forward towards the spot of light, he saw there, halfway covered in the sun, a note. Picking it up, Aiden began to read it very quickly, but slowed down once he realized what it said.

"Do angels still come from the sky? They say that they do, but I never know whether to believe them or not. But we all fell from the heavens once, and some more than others. My time here is done, and I shall be returning, like some others, back to the Creator, where He shall decide my fate. Likely, this note shall attract attention from demons, and so if you find it, Brother, destroy it. And if you fail, then so be it."

Damn, he had let his senses down again. The note was written by an angel, and, from the looks of it, fairly recently, for Aiden would not have been drawn to it otherwise. But what did it mean? Angels were returning to the "Creator?" But why? For so long each angel had simply taken their position and fought for it. This changed things. Why were they being re-assigned unless they had a new objective? An objective to take something? To find something? protect something?

A loud noise suddenly brought Aiden to his full alertness, and he realized that there were noises coming from somewhere near the barn. Exiting, and squinting under the sunlight, he went towards the source. First, however, he showed off his wings to shun the bright sun, and then hid them once more as he entered a nearby house that was still on the property.

Inside was a TV with the volume cranked. The loud noises had stopped, but it looked like there was something happening right in the middle of the action. Astronomers had reported a meteor crash, but for some reason they were making a big deal out of it. Something about the weight or composition being wrong for a typical meteor.

Aiden's interest peaked. As he staired at the TV, subtle disturbances ran through his mind. Whether spiritual or genetic in nature, his abilities to sense things were much better than a normal human's. And now something ran through his mind which caused him to stop and examine it. It was something important. It was something to do with his mission.

But he just couldn't decipher what it was.
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