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Any way to prevent texture/model LOD scaling in JK1?

So I'm replaying Jedi Knight (1), and though I know about the JK Enhanced mod, I'd like to keep the original textures and models for the nostalic value.

However, what I would like to avoid is the LOD scaling. E.g. textures lower their resolution the farther you are from them. At long distances they're quite low res and ugly. Models similarly swap between high poly (heh, relatively speaking of course) and low poly versions based on how close you are to them.

Are there any settings or mods to prevent this? Preventing it for the textures are more critical to me than the models. I tried setting up a driver profile and forcing AF, but it seemed to have no effect on the game.

PS I don't remember this happening way back when I originally played the game, but that was ages ago and my memory might just be fuzzy.

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