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There was still a lot of commotion around Tihon that he didn't understand. What could be so spectacular that these creatures would gather and gawk in ahh. Tihon couldn't answer any of the questions that flooded his mind let alone the ones that where being asked of him by these creatures. Still not fully understanding what they were saying he decided it was best to ignore them and see what he could learn. If he could learn anything at all. The One question however that stayed in his mind was whether or not he remembered anything. What was it to remember? What could the definition of remember be? Tihon again couldn't answer these questions by himself. But with so many people around he didn't want to ask them aloud.

Slowly he ran his fingers upon the cold gray surface he was sitting upon. It was rough, course, his fingers seemed to scrap along it almost with the intent of leaving skin behind. Then he felt the need to stand and so he abliged to the need and slowly stood upon his feet. Tihon looked down at his feet that were now flat upon the surface he once was laying upon and tilted his head in curiosity. He started to wonder what else could he do with these legs of his. Putting one foot in front of the other he began to walk, slowly and unsteadily at first, then his walking turned into something that looked like he was doing it his whole life. As he walked he made his way out of the crator that he created and made it to the edge of the crowd that surronded him. The crowd befor him seemed to seperate allowing him to pass by. As he walked through the crowd the smaller creators were gripping the legs of the bigger creators. Tihon thought it was a fasinating act upon the little creators part.

As he exited the crowd and walked a little ways down the same course ground he was laying upon earlier, something caught the corner of his eye. The clear glass of a local clothing store bore something mystical to him. A figure was standing on the other end looking at him, mocking ever move he made. If Tihon waved his hands, the creator would wave his hand. Tihon found this ammusing. The creator wore no shirt, or pants, not even shoes upon its feet. As Tihon ran his hand down his chest, so did the creator on the other side do the same.

Turning back to the crowd Tihon that they looked similar to the creator on the other side of the magical glass. They had many colors upon them, in different shapes and sizes. This was another thing Tihon did not understand, but something told him he was standing out and that it wasn't a good thing.

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