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Evie had her cell phone out the moment the girl shouted. Usually she was on the indirect end of this sort of call. She handed the phone to her brother and gave him directions on what to tell the 911 operator. She was about to follow the brave young women who had already gone down into the crater when suddenly it seemed there was no need.

The man rose to his feet...

She watched as he stood. As if testing himself, he tried each leg then confidently marched out of the hole with no visible wounds or even the slightest hint of dizziness. She watched as the crowd parted and allowed him to walk to the nearest building. He began to watch his reflection in the glass as if seeing himself for the first time. She almost laughed outloud when she wondered if he realized he was naked.

The crowd was still watching him as he turned to peer at the mob surrounding him, as if acknowledging them only now. She'd had a lot of practice reading people as a dealer in Caesar's Palace and if her experience wasn't failing her, then she would have guessed he was abruptly nervous. She yelled at the girl who had been the first one to speak to the mysterious man.

"Help me get this guy out of the crowd! I think he's in shock!"

She slowly approached the naked man with a skeptical grin on her face.

"Hey superman, they might stop staring if you had some clothes on."

Evie held out her hand to him. "Let me take you inside and get you something before the ambulance gets here. Trust me, you'll want something to wear out of the hospital besides one of those horrid gowns."

She smiled genuinely. There were always crazy things happening on the graveyard shift for EMT's, especially in Vegas. But she definitely hadn't expected to come home for a visit and find a naked man in a crater while she was out shopping. She smiled because no matter what had happened to this poor man, surely he would see the humor in this. If not now, then someday.

She noticed then that the other person who had tried to communicate with the man was wearing a long trench coat.

"Hey you!" She hesitated for a moment as she started into the large lens of his gas mask. Evie figured he must have thought there might some chemical explosion responsible, or maybe he thought this man was a terrorist. No matter..

"Sir, could you maybe offer him your jacket until he gets some clothes?"

Turning back to the awkwardness in front of her she stepped closer and again offered her hand.

"My name's Evie, you can trust me. I want to help you."

EDIT((OOC: I just thought of something... does he have wings and are they visible? Because I think Evie would be acting a bit different. > .> Just so theres no confusion.))

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