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Hey Trex

I left messages to you, but have since been pointed out to by an Admin that it isn't so bad to post bugs to older topics. Here they are, with a bit more detail to them as well

Game bugs, in spoilers just incase it happens that someone whos not got that far or hasn't played it yet reads the post

Remember when I reported that trouble with Kannos replacing Shadow earlier in the mod's history? Well, it's happened again. It seems to happen on second round of playing the game onwards. - Replaces Shadow with Kannos earlier on and still got Revan. It wouldn't really bother me, but I'm trying to get all the quests done and I can't do Shadow's quest

Also, a little trouble with the Iridonian mercs, I've killed the Jedi Temple one, however... its not letting me try to battle any of the others. - I've tried about everything, I've even put the first key into the console. As above, it wouldn't bother me if I wasn't trying to do the quests for fun. I've tried your walkthrough, but it isn't so informative, sorry.

I'm stuck on Coruscant post Rhen Var with the Doctor, Bastila and Revan, I can't find the Jedi Temple entrance marker. - as in the thing you click to enter


I found another bug

When you're on Rhen Var, don't say the line: You reject the power I can bring to the front? or whatever It's bugged to repeat it endlessly

Website bug

Your End battle walkthrough link isn't working

A nice song, fits them perfectly.
The Mandalorians - The Chosen Ones

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