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By the time nVidia launches Fermi (GT300), DAAMIT will probably be close to launching a revision of the HD 5xxx, effectively putting them six months and half an architectural node ahead of nVidia. That's hardly kicking a$$, and this is coming from someone with a computer sporting an nVidia motherboard and two nVidia video cards.

With Fermi, nVidia will have had to invented the second coming of silicon to impress anyone this go-around. There are many predicting (hoping) that Fermi will end up being the next NV30 (FX). I don't believe that that will be the case, but you never know. The same thing most certainly happened to ATI with R600.

Either way, this half-a-node lead is completely win-win for DAAMIT, especially if they can maintain it. Why? Because even if nVidia's GPU of the same generation ends up being the superior one, it will still only be released after DAMMIT has held the performance crown for ~6 months with no answer from nVidia, and no real competition from them, either. That is, of course, unless nVidia slashes prices, which with them is akin to pulling teeth.

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