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Tihon looked at the creator trying to talk to him. Its shape seemed for defined then his, certain area’s seemed more pronounced then his. He took steps towards this creator and stopped in front of it. For some reason he couldn’t explain these creators seemed fascinating to him. They’re gestures, actions and language seemed new and exciting to a certain extent. This certain creators hand was out stretched towards him. Lifting up one of his hands Tihon looked at it carefully examining the back and front of it. They seemed similar, but somehow different. For the short time Tihon has been awake there seemed to be more mysteries about this place.

“Different…” he said as he grabbed the creators hand and compared it to his own “but similar…”

He started at the two hands for several moments moving the creators along with his to get a better understanding of it. Tihon turned his attention away from the hands and looked into the eyes of the creator he was standing near.

“You are what…?” he said his voice deep, and slightly scratchy.

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