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Originally Posted by Q
That's hardly kicking a$$
JHH is the one kicking a$$ He has apparently lost weight, looking fighting fit and been trading insults with Intel all year long,often coming out with the last say. Just look at him in the pic a few posts above Get a guy like that in AMD and watch things change! As for the kit.... we cant say anything categorically yet because they are not available for tesing.

Heres some Fermi tech specs Courtesy of Bright Side and nvidia's Ian Petersen, clock speeds still being finalised. Only the first few lines make any sense to the likes of me, but I think it's fair to say it's shaping up to be a decent showdown. Of course - the final verdict will be in when these things get crunched through some games!

This kit is being rolled out starting January. As far as gaming performance goes, I think at 720p these will all play out the same. As demosntrated with GTX 295 and the 59xx, once you start venturing into >1080p is when things get a but more interesting.

Since 1600p gaming isnt really relevant to many, its a moot point and card choice again comes down to a mixture of price vs brand loyalty


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