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The TSL butchering--who is irked and why?

Did I miss something? I know a good idea when I see one:
Originally Posted by jonathan7 View Post
Ok guys, please keep it on topic, rants about TSL should be in threads pertaining directly to that particular game. Deleted the responses TSL rant caused too. -- j7
Yes, I know it's a pet peeves of mods to have their colorful warnings quoted by an underling forumer, but I think I missed something potentially good...or somesuch.

Well, since I'm a bit irked at how much retcon is gong down, I figure why not start a rantfest thread over it? I liked TSL as much as KOTOR 1. The one oddball anomaly and they "kick it to the curb" as they say w.r.t. what's going on here with TSL. Now don't turn venting into mayhem but go ahead and rant, err, as related to the topic as you can of course.

Now look, I understand there are people who thought TSL was abominable and that's fine on your own, just let the dissatisfied vent here.

Now this.

Obviously TSL's having been rushed out affected the story development. I actually like the idea that all of life was endangered, and the wound in the force business. Granted it was poorly illustrated and told in the story, and found a mother figure throughout the story bothersome. However, there has to be an anomaly somewhere in a franchise or else it is just flat and static. For being different it is being treated as the red-headded stepchild in a house of monkeys. I tired of the typical hero man type of story and viewed this as a welcome breath of fresh air. The morally gray realism and the highlight that all sides have a unique identity and not just the old heroes vs villains formula is something the SW lacked and truly needed to give it depth, I think. Open-ended philosophical story. Alas, we aren't even allowed to canonize any other lightsaber color except what is in the films.

Anyway, just my rant. I guess there are others who have their sentiments which I welcome here.
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