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Originally Posted by Lord of Hunger View Post
1) Revan is a not a villain! He is a tragic hero and living proof that one can rise beyond the LS-DS system, proving that is arbitrary and inaccurate.
The light side dark side system is not arbitrary. Both sides of the Force are real and tangible in-universe phenomena, as we see in much of the EU, not to mention the freaking movies (it should also be noted that the two sides of the Force have no compatibility issues whatsoever with moral ambiguity of the likes of KotOR II). Furthermore, regardless of the player's desperate need to have an untarnished ego, Revan was a villain as the Sith Lord, though he was later a hero as a Jedi (when he first joined the Mandalorian Wars, he was also a hero, because his motivations there were just and he did not use evil-aligned means to that end. When he started to tap into the dark side and spread it among his followers, he and the Jedi Crusaders became anti-heroes, because while their goals were just, they lost their original allegiance to the light side, the Republic, and its people).

3) The Sith are not innately evil for being Sith!
That's true, because, as Kreia put it, Sith is a title. Rather, they are evil because they murder, betray, wage wars of aggression, and manipulate others for their own gain and amusement. In no cases do they do so for the well-being of others, beyond justifying their crimes to themselves and others with "I did what I had to for the greater good"-type arguments, because civil war-prone totalitarian dictatorships run by an order of Force-using power-hungry warlords are better than more conventional democratic governments (isn't it interesting how no Sith Lords who are vaunted as "tragic heroes who did what they had to" ever have plans that don't involve putting themselves into positions of absolute power, or the mass murder of threats to said position?).

Darth Sidious was one of the the closest any Sith Lord ever came to having no pretenses about caring for other people. Although he did regard himself as a savior for doing away with the Republic and Jedi, he wanted to literally consume all life in the universe into himself (presumably he thought this was a salvation for them, because he was a malignant narcissist, loving basically nothing in existence except himself).

As shown in TSL and BOSSR,
Do I really need to point out the mind-staggering absurdity of citing fan fiction as if it is a legitimate canon source?

there are only two flaws: random cruelty and betrayal. Remove that and the Sith are the good guys.
What about their tendencies to kill large numbers of other good guys and/or innocents? Besides, your statement about how good they'd be without those two traits is irrelevant, because at no point in the Sith Order's seven thousand year-history of existence and reformation did it ever not have those traits.

back to the land of fail (or should I say The Force Unleashed?)
What does TFU have to do with any of this?

where being a self-important, discriminatory, hypocritical jerks is somehow desirable
Blanket statement about all Jedi forever, ignoring everything good they do and emphasizing everything bad (even the things which aren't their ****ing fault, like the Mandalorians). Your insistence on the Jedi not being as noble as most people think would be a lot more convincing if you didn't also try to convince the reader that they are worse than the Sith. Saying that the Jedi are a necessary evil is on its own pretty damn far out there, that's one thing. Saying that the Sith are morally superior is absolutely bogus.

and justice is killing guys with red lightsabers and black cloaks simply because of said appearance.
Stupid Good Alignment: Stop picking on those poor defenseless hellspawn!

Is this statement supposed to apply to TFU? If so, then I'm abso-****ing-lutely dying to hear your reasons for believing that the protagonists of that story are actually in the wrong (defending the likes of Darth Sidious would be a new one even for you).

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