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Originally Posted by Darth InSidious View Post
Dammit jon, enough with your effete, sodomite, socialist un-Amerkin, unconstitutional, un-Christian, European mores to this. Those Koreans are clearly evil, just like poor people. They *deserve* to be killed, maimed and tortured. Don't you bring your "love" here - don't you realise that's just a Satanic, Commie construct designed to corrupt the Youth and Virility of Amerkuh?

Besides, they're not Amerkin - obviously they're untermenschen socialist sodomite scum.
You tell him Sidious!

Anyways, this whole discussion is getting ridiculous.

I've pretty much stopped classifying and categorizing things like villains and heroes. They're just characters with goals, personalities, flaws, fears, etc...

There's no superfluous explanation behind it all: it's just how I see it.
Revan a villain? At one point, yes.
Revan, a hero? Yes, that too.

No one's perfect, not everyone follows the stereotype. Not all Jedi are righteous, not all Sith are malevolent. Don't you people see?

This is what TSL (and a bit of Kotor1) is about. The reason I like TSL so much is because it got me to actually think about what I was playing, which therefore got me more involved into the game.
I understood and was awed by what was going on and how the story unfolded. For those of you who say that TSL has no story, I do have to laugh.

Anyways, erasing TSL makes me mad mostly because.... that cliffhanger ending deserves something grand and epic to redeem itself.
I don't know how TOR is going to turn out, but if it DOES end up ignoring TSL completely, they basically just left a story half-finished there. That's how I see it anyways.

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