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Originally Posted by VarsityPuppet View Post
The reason I like TSL so much is because it got me to actually think about what I was playing, which therefore got me more involved into the game.
I understood and was awed by what was going on and how the story unfolded. For those of you who say that TSL has no story, I do have to laugh.
Well, yeah. Plus another thing is that short sightedness isn't as likely to cost you the LS/DS ending in the first one because it all basically hangs upon your "choice" on Lehon.

Whereas in TSL you had to be more wary. I.E. the secessionist movement on Onderon by Vaklu. Maybe all you wanted to do was help them to keep the ways of their culture but it would end up forcing the duel with Kavar. Though I'll admit you are dropped certain clues along the way.

Yet you could play it out any number of ways on Dantooine and NarShaddah and it wouldn't mean anything about having to kill a Jedi Master until you actually confronted them and got to choose.

Anyways, erasing TSL makes me mad mostly because.... that cliffhanger ending deserves something grand and epic to redeem itself.
I don't know how TOR is going to turn out, but if it DOES end up ignoring TSL completely, they basically just left a story half-finished there. That's how I see it anyways.
Granted Obsidian's games have endings which leave something to be desired, I do agree that it deserves better. A chance and a better ending.
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