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Still loving this game after a month of playing. I've finished the game with three different characters; one of those I played through two different endings. Played all the origin stories at least once and am thoroughly enjoying delving into different aspects of the character interactions. I spend a lot of time talking to everyone and trying to find all the little details I may have missed before, so a complete play through takes about 70 - 80 hours with both the add-on quests installed. I love seeing some of the NPCs recur throughout the different story lines. I've gotten used to the combat system and find it easily adjustable to suit different situations. I switch between easy and normal, depending on whether I'm feeling ambitious or lazy.

The increasing load times are only a problem after a couple of hours and reloading the game takes care of that well enough until the problem is fixed. Other than that, the game has run very well. I get some lag in very populated areas, but not too surprising with my video card (only a GeForce 8200) and graphics settings. ( I decided I preferred a slight lag to the lower graphics settings) Crashes have been rare and I've put in a lot of hours of game play (WinXP), so no complaints there.

All in all, I find very little to criticize. The game is entertaining to play and beautiful to look at. I really like the style they chose to use: that slight look of a painting rather than a more photorealistic aesthetic. Thoroughly satisfying in my opinion.

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