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Originally Posted by Lord of Hunger View Post
I could list other things, but those three are pretty high up on my list. TOR is now going to throw us back to the land of fail (or should I say The Force Unleashed?) where being a self-important, discriminatory, hypocritical jerks is somehow desirable and justice is killing guys with red lightsabers and black cloaks simply because of said appearance.
When I played both KotOR's I ended up killing guys with red lightsabres and black cloaks no matter what alignment I was, but it was either because they were psycho murderers who killed people unable to shoot lightning from their hands (which is worse discrimination), because they tried to kill me or because I was a psycho murderer who killed people unable to shoot lightning from their hands, not fashion.

Also, in TOR you will be able to play as your role-models, so much for it being a one-sided all-Sith-are-pure-evil-fest.

Let's kill ourselves.
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