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Originally Posted by Lord of Hunger View Post
And what you are touching upon is what is wrong with Star Wars (or one of many things): the Sith are always written in as the villains. In the case of Darth Sidious, it is right to write him as a villain because he is one. On the other hand, you have some Sith who were truly good people, especially when they became Sith.
Nope, not wrong, it was entirely deliberate. Especially as it pertains to this thread. TSL was a game, and in video games the character is either preventing you from winning or not. Doesn't matter who or why, just matters that they were designed to do that. Seeing as all the sith characters and minions in TSL are trying to thwart the Exile however and whenever, they are the "bad guys". You realize that this story-telling stuff follows formulas, right? You plan out your characters and dispositions towards each other before you make up their motivations and backgrounds. There is a fairly standard design process for this, and Lucas, Avellone, and pretty much any professional writer/designer out there follows it. Just look at Bioware, their story arcs never change.

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