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Originally Posted by CrisG View Post
ah ok thanks. I am so glad to get things running and to see the start. The graphics look really nice in the brief glimpse i had in the tutorial section. The little details, like the light of the man lighitng the cigarette before i bit him, those touches are epic and really great to see. Thanks for the help ...looking forward to my first play thru.

btw, is there a way to restore or activate the histories before i start? I understand they are turned off by default, ...because they were unfinished? is this fixed by the 6.6 mod? I did after all install the complete version, not just the basic, i really wanted to see all the restorations. I will hopefully be able to figure things out as i go along.
I'd assume that for the clan you chose, it just says "History:None" under the info menu, right?. The histories were implemented in one of the first few unofficial patches, and of course are active in the 6.6 version(the same I'm running).

Your best bet is to look at the History names and effects in the new game screen, chose the one you want(but not start a new game), then load your already started save. Open the console, and type "vhistories", which should give you a list of histories available to your clan. Find the name of the one you selected, and then type in "vhistory", along with the number beside the history name.

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