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@LoH: I'm going to be brutally honest with you here, some of your arguments actually made me do a facepalm on my end.

I do need the Jedi to be perfect. If they were remotely any good I would leave them be. But they aren't: They can't even effectively fight the Sith at all!
This argument is impractical and silly. I'm going to cite a real world example: the U.S. can't effectively fight al-Qaeda. Does that make America bad because we aren't perfect? It's a widely accepted fact that if anything in fiction is perfect, then the story wouldn't be good.

Indeed, there are some Jedi who make the worst of the Sith look like Gizka.
Please, I'm absolutely dying to hear which Jedi you're referring to.

You misunderstand me. What I am pointing out is that Revan never chose the Dark Side, he pretended to.
I'm going to be even more honest with you here: That is a load of bulls***. He chose the Dark Side. Powers like grip are Dark Sided. I doubt Jedi of that time period would even think of using dark side powers. He followed the teachings of the True Sith. He even left behind a Sith holocron. How can you get darker than that? (I'm exaggerating here, but I hope you see my point.)

I guess I shouldn't be arguing though. I'm beginning to doubt that you know the difference between Revan and the player (in this case, yourself).

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