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Originally Posted by Lord of Hunger View Post

You misunderstand me. What I am pointing out is that Revan never chose the Dark Side, he pretended to.

It is perfectly possible for someone to be above the Dark and Light Sides of the Force. Take Cade Skywalker for example: his shown as using Dark Side abilities with little to no corruption of himself. His Wiki entry remarks that his behavior is definitely not that of a Jedi, but he easily resisted the Dark Side. It seems to me that it merely takes a strong will to use the respective sides of the Force without being influenced in turn. Hell, Dark Side abilities are apparently not Dark Side if you have benign intentions (hint: electric judgment).
Well, I wasn't exactly contesting your point, though I think I didn't say all of what I meant. Rather I mean to say that he used his power over the force whenever he needed, not just the dark side. Though it likely is true that he behaved similar to my Renae character, in that he wasn't completely driven by emotion, but driven by logic and reason along side it. there must've been some point that he elected to use the dark side, and embrace its power, though that doesn't mean that he sought to only use one side of the force.

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