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"Im fine..." Rawk lied. "Just a bad cough I've had for a while..."

Lyna stared at him with concern, and nodded. He sounded really sick, and she could tell he didn't want to talk about it any furhter. She just hoped that he would be okay...

"No greeting, Rawk? Its has been some time since we last spoke."

"Too long, if you ask me kid! Droo is upstairs, she already knows your here. She's made your beds."

Lyna smiled over at Cade. It was good to see a nephew and uncle talk to one another again. She was also happy to see Cade have a family as well. She looked down sadly.

Then, glancing at Nale, she could see another person. Who was that man? "Hey, Cade? Who's your other friend?" It looked like he was in cuffs.
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