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Originally Posted by Ping View Post
I guess I shouldn't be arguing though. I'm beginning to doubt that you know the difference between Revan and the player (in this case, yourself).
Bingo! There is the distinct air of fanboyism! The other thing the post contained was lots of conjecture and very little evidence. If LoH is going to pursist in saying he is *right* then he is going to have to start producing evidence, the whole post just came across as a lecture about how he is right, over it being entirely opinion... Which is what it was.

Regardless, I find it silly that the Jedi should be "perfect" - in the films there is no doubt that the Jedi are the goodies, despite the fact they make mistakes. Were the Allies not the "goodies" during WWII because we made a series of bad errors?

I'm afraid it seems to me, given the Sith Code, that being a Sith means you are evil. The Sith Code, basically amounts to the rule of the strong over the weak and the acquisition of power. You are twisting what it means to be a Sith, however if a Sith doesn't follow the Sith Code they are no longer Sith. Changing the meaning of words to suit your argument, just makes words meaningless.

Originally Posted by LoH
We have not been shown what life was like in Revan's Sith Empire, so the only indication of its citizen's treatment that we can go by is the nature of Revan, which is efficient. Mass genocide and fear tactics are indeed very inefficient, when an adoring populace is far more likely to support its nation's agenda.
Balls! Quite simply; we see what life is like in the Sith Empire on Korriban with random torturing and murder of people who are "weak". Now this may have been "under Malak" - but really this shows us what it was like under the Sith Empire. As did Taris.

In the "natural selection" society of the Sith - I can only see it mirroring a Nazi state where "undesirables" would be either sterilised or killed. That is the inevitable conclusion of "the Strongest rule" - and the pattern that society would have - anyone who "is weak" or "weakens" society would be killed. You can live in your dream land where you as Revan would have ruled differently, but that would mean you weren't a Sith.

I beg to differ over "Mass Genocide" and fear being ineffective; given that Stalin dragged Russia into the 20th Century turning what was basically a feudal state into the Industrial age, in less than a decade. However that does not mean this was right.

Originally Posted by LoH
Love may be the greatest form of good, but it is not all of what is good.
Pro-tip; don't lecture at Philosophers on Philosophy.

Do your really want me to give you a philosophy lesson? Because frankly your total lack of knowledge on the subject shines through with statements like this. Of course, if you really wish me to philosophically hammer you on this point we can begin; define for me how you define "love" and "good" and we can proceed.

Originally Posted by LoH
Also, self-interest does not equal selfishness. The latter is self-interest in the form that harms others.
Pro-tip; when making statements like this, it would be really good if you actually provided an example to back your point up, opposed to just stringing words together in the hope they mean something. It is not my job as the reader to think what your examples are.

Originally Posted by LoH
Not all Sith are selfish, but all pursue self-interest.
More conjecture, no evidence. Though I very much fail to see how being an egotistic despot somehow doesn't equal being Selfish. For a "Sith" to be good they would want to be doing the "greater good" - i.e. if we take a utilitarian approach; what is best for everyone; which goes against the "Sith Code" - hence the individual is no longer a definition of a Sith and is something else entirely.

Originally Posted by LoH
Ironically, the Jedi do as well, but deny it.
More conjecture, no evidence. Give me an example.

Apart from sounding like Anakin on Mustafa (which is never a good thing) you haven't offered anything new, apart from the fact you seem to have fallen for the same clap trap that Anakin did in RotS.

"Love is the only reality and it is not a mere sentiment. It is the ultimate truth that lies at the heart of creation." - Rabindranath Tagore

"Many a doctrine is like a window pane. We see truth through it but it divides us from truth." - Kahlil Gibran
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