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I bought the German version about two weeks ago and I think it's overall a nice game. I don't even mind playing it with keyboard and mouse although a gamepad would make combos easier to pull off I guess. What I don't like are the requirements. I got Resident Evil 5 in August wich has kind of equal visual quality I'd say, and there isn't the slightest problem with it. TFU crashes about one time per hour and playing with characters like Vader or Fisto is slowing the game down (probably 'cause of the capes and robes). Oh I play it on a Core to Dual (2x 3.2 Ghz) with 2 gigs of RAM and a GeForce 8600 GT. My soundcard is onboard wich is a problem too (not only in this game). So I kind of have the minimum requirements and overall runs pretty good and even looks ok at 800x600 (RE 5 is playable for me at 1400x900 btw). So if I let the crashes and sound problems out of sight: It's a nice game but it could have used some more time to get rid of the problems.
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