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Here are some of the "user reviews" people posted on Metacritic's page if people are interested:

Michael S gave it a 3:

While its great to see the closest thing to another Jedi-Knight game. The Force Unleashed misses the mark in production and cross-platform porting values. Simple things like missing textures, lack of a mouse GUI interface. (They also forget to tell you what changes pages until later. Hint: its the " ] " and " [ " As for game play, your character has issues selecting which object he wants to attack/throw. You'll often charge into a group of storm-troopers only to target a box to their left. It gets even worse when you attempt to force-choke a target, and instead force choke a box. Further complications occur when you try to use the enviroment to hit things. Launching a projectile at enemies is near impossible with wonky force-choke controls. Character movement is also sub-par especially for a game that has mild-platforming. There is no ledge-grabbing here, and your character will slide on any surface angled greater than 30 degrees. This generally leads to many quick-deaths as your character's feet miss the platform by a half-foot, and he slides off into the abyss. Lightsaber combat is also iffy at best. Stronger enemies will break every single combo you attempt to launch at them. It doesn't matter if its a lightning-saber in mid-swing, they will be able to attack through it. Certain moves like the "Cross-Slash" makes your character stand in place for five seconds after attacking. Which wouldn't be a problem if six enemies weren't shooting you. The keyboard arrangement is insulting for a PC Gamer. Instead of allowing players to bind abilities to the 1-5 and F1-F4 buttons, you have to attempt to press multiple buttons around your WASD keys. Some of these attacks require you to be moving while pressing combos. I only have five fingers, and I have to stop to press Shift+Q in order to do a dashing attack. What could have been a solid light-saber game has been marred by crappy port and production values. Hopefully the next true Jedi-Knight game will restore order to Lucas Arts saber-games.
Alec M gave it a 10:

All the reviews are quite silly. Why? Because all they needed to do was instal the patch that came out just a few days after the game. It runs just fine and is a great inovation in gaming with amazing graphics, great voice acting, and the smartest AI anyone has yet seen. It's sad to see that when some one comes out with a good game it gets shot down because reviewers can't wait/look for a verry speedy patch. The game is realy verry fun with a lot of replayability and crazy force powers. If you can't stand a game thats not a FPS or RPG then this isn't for you. But if you like Star Wars, good acting, and inovation. Then this is your game. May the force be with you and all that Jazz.
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