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Originally Posted by CrisG View Post
I chose Toreador ...on advice from here mm, uh, I think i understand about what you say about histories, i do have 6.6 installed and the console is active. I havent started playing yet so i dont have save, just ran it yesterday to be sure i had it working. Am a totaly newbie but looking forward to it a lot. thanks for all the help everyone.

and i did wonder about the blue colour on my starting out character model but hope i get 'unblue' eventually
That bluish tone only appears on the new game menu when choosing the character stats, and the "info" menu in-game. It won't, or shouldn't appear on the models in the game.

And as a Toreador, you'll want to watch losing humanity. It might not even become a problem, but as you lose double the humanity that other clans would lose, and thus might frenzy easier.

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