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From the Sith Empire with love!

Not that good English speaker, so pardon me for my mistakes

Actually just regged to get involved into this discussion. It was really amusing to watch such a debates about the nature of good and bad guys of Star Wars Universe gradually transforming into polemics with North Corea, Stalin and Al Qaeda involved. Now let the true Sith speak!

Being "good" or "bad" is just a matter of which side you are on. Good guys=our guys, bad guys - vice versa. From Palpatin's point of view he was simply (dunno how to say) organizing society based on Sith beliefs, morals, etc. Was he doing good thing? For him and those who shares his vision - yes. From the Jedi point of view - of course not.

But Star Wars saga is a story obviously written by Jedi side of the conflict, so there is no doubt left for its "readers" which side is "good" (again!) and which is "evil". That is why TSL seemed and felt somewhat odd in that line.

I'd like to tell more but speaking language that is not my native is really tiresomely. However I can understand you very clearly, so big brother is watching you!
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