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Never mind, I am not even bothering to respond at all. It's pointless because now with the direction of TOR the Sith are being rewritten completely into villains.

And frankly, TKA, I am especially not going to get into another debate with you because the material of that last post can be summarized as, "No, you're wrong!" I am perfectly capable of going through the list of every character in Star Wars and making a legitimate claim that they are not necessarily what they are made out to be on the surface hype.

In fact, I am done with debating anything Star Wars at this point. There is no reason to debate the morality of this story any more because it has been simplified to the point of mere childishness. "The Sith MUST be evil, the Jedi MUST be good." That's what I was protesting, but frankly there's no point because that's all we are headed towards.

I will post one more reply though:
Originally Posted by Jonathan7
Pro-tip; don't lecture at Philosophers on Philosophy.

Do your really want me to give you a philosophy lesson? Because frankly your total lack of knowledge on the subject shines through with statements like this. Of course, if you really wish me to philosophically hammer you on this point we can begin; define for me how you define "love" and "good" and we can proceed.
Okay, so I have a sort of amateur interest in philosophy myself, so somehow this remark speaks to me as: "In real life I am an expert philosopher so there!" I was not lecturing you at all, I really don't understand why you think that. Obviously me debating in any of these circles is just not worth my time and will be treated as some sort of hostile or ignorant act.

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