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Originally Posted by Master Zionosis View Post
Very informative, however, it is more of a post that should be directed to the original creators. My aim was only to allow people who don't understand Polish, the chance to play it and understand what was being said. I didn't, and still don't feel like I should be responsible for sprucing up the mod, if it was poorly done, then that's hardly my fault. People were pleased with mine and DK's efforts to bring the mod to everyone in English. So that was my goal achieved.

Also, regarding the dialog, age is not necessarily better. If the writing is poor then that just comes down to un-creativity. But if you're just referring to grammar, then I will point out that the mod was very time consuming and real life did constantly get in the way, for which I didn't have much time to work on the mod full stop, let alone sorting out the grammar.

You also may not of meant it this way, but you also came across quite ignorant, insinuating that *I* should be the one to spruce the mod up, just because I was the last person to have permission to edit the mod. Again, you may not have meant it that way, I appreciate good constructive criticism where necessary as much as the next person, but please make sure you put your point across in a nice around way.

Thanks for your input, regardless.
My scathing review was by no means any kind of personal attack and my deepest apolegies if it seemed as such. I fear I could not have said anything differently if I was to be forthright and honest in general consumer feedback for this mod.
I don't attribute any personal responsibility for this mod to you, {Snip}

I have Polish family and have learned a saying from childhood, But with Poles what can you do? lol :P

Moderator note [12-13-2009 10:17 AM]

Removing a section of this post with a repeated review of the mod. Please vanir, you said your piece once, so restating it again here even in a condensed version is unnecessary, no?

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