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Aiden had been to nightclubs before, but they were nothing like this.

People were everywhere, a thick mass of them, and the music and the lights were on full blast. People were talking, dancing, singing, or even drinking while the house was raging on with a full house. And not once did he see anyone that looked younger than a college graduate, meaning he would fit right in to the fray. Chaos was something he most enjoyed, after all.

But, as he tried to make his way, well, almost anywhere, people just blocked him and he couldn't get through. So, instead, he made his way over to the bar at the far end of the building (which took roughly five whole minutes) and ordered some wine, paying with some conjured money. The stuff had a bitter taste--something he also enjoyed.

Wandering around to find somewhere to drink, he spotted some half-way empty tables nearby. Placing himself at one of them, he looked around for anything that provide himself with entertainment. But, strangely enough, he was paid absolutely not attention at all.

The people in the room were all dancing in pairs, men to women, and some of a less common persuasion. Aiden didn't understand how humans worked in that regard. It was a strange thing. Technically Aiden was a man, because the Creator had told them as such. But some fallen angels had accepted different roles. And it was just another way they rebelled against the Creator.

Glancing around, no one caught his eye--except one person. And it was at this moment that Aiden, strangely, felt like being a man.

It was only a casual glance, but she immediately went back to drinking her alcohol. She looked very out of place, as if she did not want to be here. And as evil thoughts streamed through Aiden's mind, as he got up and went over to her table she gave a knowing smile and said, "One glance is all it takes, hm?"

Thrown off-guard by this question, something that did not happen to Aiden...well...practically ever, he hesitated before thinking of anything to say.

"Perhaps I wasn't really looking for anything but some casual conversation."

"And perhaps I didn't come here to talk to anyone."

But Aiden could read faces, and hers said that she had never been here before...she was looking to get away from...something...

For a moment he caught himself staring at her, and then, without any facial change, he redirected his thoughts.

"You'll find I have much more experience alone than you."

"I wonder why," she laughed.

Anger in his eyes, briefly he thought of doing something destructive. Instead, he spoke quietly. "People often accuse other people of their own problems."

At this, she looked away and seemed to flinch slightly, and, standing up, she paused before walking away from the table. But not without saying, "You don't know me."

As she walked away, Aiden came to reality, and thought he was crazy. He had completely lost his cool in that situation--that didn't happen very often. Suddenly, seeing her leaving, he quickly looked around and, as no one was paying any attention to him, he vanished quietly and reappeared outside on the road.

She was there, and, suddenly seeing him appear, jumped, but did not scream. There was a sudden breeze, and, as it caught her brown hair, Aiden almost couldn't think of anything to say. But, finally, words came.

"But you're wrong. You don't have to talk to someone to know them."

Laughing, she started to keep on walking. "Look, I don't know who you are or why you're following me, but since you know me so well you should know that I could kick your ass if you try anything."

Aiden laughed at this himself, and, hurrying to walk beside her, said, "I would win."

But in his heart Aiden was already defeated.
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