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Originally Posted by Lord of Hunger View Post
And frankly, TKA, I am especially not going to get into another debate with you because the material of that last post can be summarized as, "No, you're wrong!" I am perfectly capable of going through the list of every character in Star Wars and making a legitimate claim that they are not necessarily what they are made out to be on the surface hype.
...Yet you won't, because you cannot be bothered to come up with one single solitary example?

And no, damn it, it is not me shouting that you're wrong over and over. I am going to the trouble of actually doing research for this debate - name virtually any fact that I claim, and I can cite a source for it - in the process formulating posts of obscene proportions, posts of such absolutely gigantic size that no mortal being has any legitimate business making them. I went to the trouble to actually spend a ****ing hour of my time going through virtually every prominent Sith mentioned on Wookieepedia (including a number which were not prominent), taking note of each, and condensing them into my post. Your argument, in which you absolutely refused to to cite anything from the canon to support your claims, forced me to spell out for you almost every single possible example.

In fact, I am done with debating anything Star Wars at this point. There is no reason to debate the morality of this story any more because it has been simplified to the point of mere childishness. "The Sith MUST be evil, the Jedi MUST be good." That's what I was protesting, but frankly there's no point because that's all we are headed towards.
How is your view, which claims that all Jedi are evil, that the Republic was always corrupt to the point that it was at least as bad as the Empire, and that the Sith more often than not are good guys, any less "simplified" or "childish"? The position and view of the Star Wars canon which you propose and defend is just as black and white as the one that you protest, except a mirror image.

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