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I posted this earlier.
Originally Posted by Myself
And frankly, TKA, I am especially not going to get into another debate with you because the material of that last post can be summarized as, "No, you're wrong!" I am perfectly capable of going through the list of every character in Star Wars and making a legitimate claim that they are not necessarily what they are made out to be on the surface hype.
I apologize for this part of my post. I posted it under the influence of sleep deprivation. Considering that you went out of the trouble to reply to me earlier, I should have been considerate and replied back. However, I'll post my reply to you in PM because

a) This discussion has gone way off topic.
b) I don't want to have to reply to the entire Forum. Although I visit this site a lot there is only such much time I have and it is quite exhausting.
c) I've already discussed a lot of these points in other threads, and also made stronger versions of my arguments then.
d) Replies like this:
CHAIRS AVVALON KILED SART WRAS"!!"""21ewoi2222211111
Originally Posted by DI
Dammit jon, enough with your effete, sodomite, socialist un-Amerkin, unconstitutional, un-Christian, European mores to this. Those Koreans are clearly evil, just like poor people. They *deserve* to be killed, maimed and tortured. Don't you bring your "love" here - don't you realise that's just a Satanic, Commie construct designed to corrupt the Youth and Virility of Amerkuh?

Besides, they're not Amerkin - obviously they're untermenschen socialist sodomite scum.
And his previous post before Jae edited it.

So again, sorry. Expect my reply in your PM box in the next two days.

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