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By far my favorite Monkey Island game is the next one. Doesn't matter when that is, or which one it ends up being for that few months, it's always the anticipation and the participation in the next story that is the most fun. I can't place any of the existing ones as the best because it's not really about the gameplay for me, it's about participating as a pirate that I can totally relate to. He's perpetually the wannabe pirate who doesn't have the slightest idea what he's doing and somehow manages to get himself in and out of trouble time and time again. The twists are always amazing, the stories are fun, and the endings are, invariably so much fun that when I get to it, all of a sudden I'm filled with anticipation for the next one. Years go by and nothing happens until there's a rebirth in someone wanting to tell the story, and viola the anticipation is renewed and again, I get to look forward to a new adventure as Guybrush Threepwood, Mighty Pirate.
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