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OK putting it back on track, in light of the latest announcement at the VGA which really makes me want to puke...

Up in the TOR forums apparently dude doing the interview has payed us (and forums like ours) a little bit of attention and clarified (more or less restated what he said) that Revan went out into the outer rims to look for the sith threat after K1. So we still have the true sith and we still have the background for TSL. Saying that theirs is a creative team, they don't wish to destroy storylines.

The part before K1 was basically: After pwning the pair, then proceeds to move forth with his plans by sending the two back into the Galaxy for the next phase of his plans. Then suddenly Revan and Malak could eventually willfully disobey the Emperor once far enough away.

I'll let you all decide for yourselves what this means. (It better not be what it sounds like!)

So essentially if there is any one thing alluded to about TSL, it'll be cursory outsiders' stories from a 'historical' and 'looking back' perspective. Like it was a mission in secrecy to somehow end the unknown threat that killed everyone on Katarr. Let it blow over and be forgotten. I guess TSL is going to be that great story nobody in the galaxy ever heard about. We'll see.

It's too early but a reason to keep TSL intact in EU canon is because not keeping it would cause a tremendous amount of upset w.r.t. canon sources referring to TSL characters and events. It would just make a huge mess.
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