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Bleh. So essentially we have Soviet Nationalists stirring it up over there that just so happen to sell good merchandise despite (or in spite of) its poor state of affairs that aren't quite dire yet. Are they on their way back?

If we're going to feel it smoother, slower, and more gradually then will it be anywhere as bad? I ask b/c I have little faith in things so far as politics and economic lifestyles go. I agree that we need to stop doing "stuff" for "stuff" sake. However, it's not *just* defense. It's lifestyle and all that. Fiscal and financial responsibility are often given lip service, but rarely seen acted upon by politicians or citizens in general. "Put this or that on credit and it'll all be fine" so says people. I've little hope, personally.

Sadly, I can see only a few solutions:
America lowers its standards for worker conditions; lowers its minimum wages; or the U.S. ends up absorbing other countries and playing around a lot with uneven playfields in a more real sense (as opposed to empty money) in order to restrengthen industries. Or all the above. Unless there is something I missed.

Fat chance people are going to change their habits unless we collectively got hit over the head with a cactus...which I sadly do not see happening in the near future by any sense of the concept. It takes a common disaster with a fast hard hit to unite people--that is fact. However, *that* would be the last thing we'd need, or so it would seem. Crap.
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