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Well the state of Russian industry is such that US multinationals like Elron speculate they could improve oil production from the CIS Caspian table by several hundred percent, that the Russians are essentially wasting up to 90% of possible oil/fuels production with administrative disarray and poor industry.

The fact Elron and other multinational oil companies are all over Afghanistan and central Asia along with the US military is of deep concern to the Russians, and it the real reason for anti-American sentiments there. And it's not just them, Turkey doesn't like you much either, or the Ukrainians.
You see they firmly believe you're moving chess pieces against Iran and around Afghanistan in order to do the same thing you did with the Persian Gulf. Take the Caspian oil table for yourselves under the cover up of "international policing."

Now the thing about this is they still have a massive Cold War surplus of strategic nuclear capability, the delapidation of their conventional forces has no bearing on this. Any individual district commander could at a whim lay waste to roughly half the planet, and they don't have the same Presidential/Congressional safeguards against subordinate commanders ordering nuclear release that the US does.

Make them paranoid enough and you've got WW3 on your hands. It will be the Clancy style "rogue General" who sends a hundred planet busting warheads into US airspace, probably the Transcaucasus district commander who started the Georgian war.

Meanwhile the US economic situation has forced national interests in central Asia...

European journalists claim the current east-west political climate is in fact more dangerously close to a large scale nuclear exchange today that at any time during the Cold War. This time it is the US whom would have to back down, and nobody in the world believes the Whitehouse or Pentagon are capable of that, particularly given recent international "anti-terrorism" policies which are a thin veil for flagrant human rights violation.

Did you know the United States government is charged by the International Court of human rights violation (specifically regarding "special rendition" policies and Gitmo). The Whitehouse refuses to answer the charges on the basis doing so would force the US to reveal classified material. It's the same thing as saying the rest of the world is subordinate to United States culture and government.

It is this attitude which is destroying your economy. Nobody who doesn't have to wants to import anything from you anymore, your markets are now third world nations and all you get in return is conflict diamonds, useless treaties and credit slips. Yet still you are the world's most eminent consumerists, any American will buy a Playstation well before he gives a loaf of bread to a vagrant. This is killing you.
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