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Originally Posted by LordOfTheFish View Post
That's a pretty interesting site you've got there. I'm in IGF so maybe I'll see you on the battlefield some day.
Sounds good, I look forward to it.

Originally Posted by LordOfTheFish View Post
p.s. Do you have an Xfire account? I would be interesting in playing with you some time.
We haven't gotten into Xfire yet, since one of our members has access to a Ventrilo channel and they let us use it, but I've been wanting to look into it. So I'm downloading it now, will check it out.

Thanks everyone, for checking out this thread and the website -- we've already had a number of contacts and comments, more than I'd expected actually. I look forward to talking with more of you soon.

BTW, we're running a public Recruit Server now and then during the week, called GCA_Gray-Clan_Recruiting -- and a BFX server called GCA_Gray-Clan_BFX. Anyone's welcome to join us, if you see either of those up.
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