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@ Astor and mimartin: Oh come on, gov't. knows best and that's the bottom line because the gov't. said so. We *need* some entity to step in, tell us what to do, and be all intrusive and all that.

I can't believe the massive fail I'm seeing here.


I mean if we can't get people to stop using swimming pools as garbage and sewer pits in homeowners' associations with passive regulations then we certainly cannot trust them to listen to their iPod at a safe volume!!!!!111!!!1!!!1!!!11
[/liberal equiv to limbaugh]

Originally Posted by SW01 View Post
Actually I'm surprised no-one has sued in the past for hearing loss due to the lack of volume restriction to compensate for their innate stupidity, causing these companies to put the things in place. That'd be a good laugh to read.
Y'know...It probably wouldn't surprise you that it probably has been tried in America... or so I'd wager?
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