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Originally Posted by stingerhs View Post
NV is getting way behind now...
Behind may be word more accurately used to descibe AMD Especially since G3D has published leaked GTX 360/380 Benchies.

Mind you, these are 'internal' benchies - and no other detailed info on price/power/heat HH from G3D has also advised a bit of caution, not acknowledging a source. Still, they look believable enough. I can't imagine a fanboy or nv employee that desperate as to make stuff like this up?? Who knows.

Interesting that there weren't any Crysis at 1600p numbers.....maybe nv were skeered to run Crysis through it

Anyway, until independent tests are released, it best be treated as 'strong speculation'

It looks like 'crazyman' JHH and team green have struck back again, Empire style. Of course - for most people if AMD can maintain decent price points, they'll still shift a good amount for units. For the HD gamer, folder and/or well moneyed enthusiast, the choice is pretty simple.

Poor AMD...lucky they have the server market and fusion up their sleeve - it must be a tad demoralising. Hopefully they can use that 1.3billion Intel forked out to hire some decent R&D people.....


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