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Originally Posted by Jae Onasi View Post
It becomes my problem when I have to pay the Medicare taxes for hearing tests and hearing aids.
I'm generally not into the whole "all government is evil" viewpoint, but the fact is government is partially responsible for this system where everyone has to chip in for the health of others (the other major influence of course are overcharging pharma corporations). Now they want to pass a law that infringes on personal rights in order to cover a problem that is the result of the broken system they made?

[OFF TOPIC]This ironically has significant ties to the current health care debate. Yes, reform is necessary to stop the massive budget problems our current system will result in and stop social injustice, but the fact remains that the basic idea of health care is critically flawed. We are paying for drugs and treatments that for people other than ourselves AND these drugs and treatments may cause current health issues and save lives, but ultimately result in an increase in health issues as the result of each new generation's lower natural immunity. We need the government to solve the current crisis through regulation and spending, but ultimately we need to solve the crisis that is building over time.[/OFF TOPIC]

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