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Update time!

My apologies for the huge delay in responding - my computer died the day of the last update... which, it seems, was September 1st. It feels like it was more like September 1st 2005, but that's another story...

For those who are interested, my graphics card died, and what with my computer being a laptop, that proved somewhat... fatal. What with one thing and another, it took over two months to get a new laptop.

To add to this, I've had a pretty full schedule these last few months, too, and so even if I'd been able to, I'm not sure I really had the time to work on Rhen Var or any modding really. I don't really right now, but I needed a break, so I did some updates on a few projects I was working on before the (second) Great Collapsing Hrung Disaster.

Now that things are semi-up-and-running again, I feel I can actually give you an update. And, you know, answer your questions/points/verbal abuse.

Originally Posted by Exile007 View Post
I feel so honored.
You should. I haven't taken a mod request in over four years.

Obsidian style!
No-time-to-balance-style, anyway. The overpowered items that litter the game make it a bit difficult to balance things as finely as I might like, but I'm hoping for combat to be challenging and a little varied. I've no idea how that'll work out yet, though, so...

True, but given the fact that the PC knew that Sion would be a final boss from Peragus, I guess I expected more.
Yeah, that's true. He is rather weak on gameplay, but the game's strength generally is more in dialogue and story than the combat and levelling.

You're crushed, I know. ( )

Looking good! But for some reason I just can't really get into the cloth on the chest plates. It just seems sorta unrealistic. Maybe replace the chest plate with pieces from the Star Forge Robe?
On reflexion it does look rather crap, yeah. I'll try fixing that when I have the time for proper skinning. I'm also hideously out of practice at the moment, so anything I do will look horrible beyond beleif.

Originally Posted by Marius Fett View Post
I agree with Exile on this one. It's a great reskin, but the cloth on the chest just doesn't do it for me. ^_^
*shrug*. I thought it looked quite cool at the time, but I can see what you mean. If/when I get round to editing that skin again, I'll definitely rework the cloth panels.

Originally Posted by redrob41 View Post
At the moment, it looks to me like tan fabric has been glued onto the metal plate, rather than a cloth under tunic showing through holes in a piece of metal. Maybe you could add a bit more edge shadowing. Also, I think that the shape of the holes is overly "designed" and doesn't look very functional (at least on the abdomen and clavicals; the back shoulder blades look fine). Perhaps if the chest plate ended at the rib cage, and then there were leather straps joining it to the belt?
Thanks for the tips! I'll give that a go over Christmas, and hopefully have something to show for it, though I think you rather overestimate my ability.

So: updates. The main plot for Rhen Var is now essentially finalised in all details, although I've yet to pass the final documentation in front of the Official Censor for approval/tweaking/other.

Progress on the plot front is moving forward, however slowly. At the moment it's just waiting on my having time to actually sit down and write dialogue. Or rather: write good dialogue. I could write some sucky crap, but you wouldn't want to read it, and I don't want to write it, to be honest. Be warned that stat and skill checks will abound. You should also pick dialogue options with care; some may lead to less favourable outcomes.

On the visible-stuff-you-can-crit front, I've mainly tweaked a couple of models I was working on previously, but didn't finish before my old computer died.

Item one on the agenda is a Jian, or traditional Chinese sword with a straight blade. Not the most complex model in the world, but a nice design; hopefully this one shouldn't take too long to skin, although I have plans for the guard area. This might make for a better short sword; I'm undecided at this point.

Next up is the Sword of Gith, again; this time a shot in-game. I did try and skin this, but I'm so out of touch it came out pretty ugly. Hopefully it'll look better in the v2. I think the current scale is probably about right for it.

Finally, I found I was in the middle of reskinning my landing pad module. I have no idea whatsoever why the floor is white here; presumably that was something I was in the middle of working on. 'Twill be fixed in time, rest assured.

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