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Currently played probably half way through (have done Redclife and the Circle +shale and the keep), and am positively surprised at how good this game is, especially in two areas.

The gameplay is the best I have seen in this sort of game since Icewind dale 2, and is about how I wanted NWN2 to be. Though it's a wee bit too easy if you play a mage (or bring one or two with you), Alistar and Leliana are by far the least useful members of my regular party, they spend most of their time either beating up defenceless pinatas or running from my own AOE spells.

Companions too are a nice improvement from past Bioware games, especially Allistar. Allistar is something as unusual as a likable good guy, probably because he's the only one of his kind with a working survival instinct and sence of humor. He is a bit naive though, despite never having licked frozen metal in winter. I also find myself for the first time in the position of not being able to fit all the guys I want into my regular party (I go with Allistar, Morrigan and Leliana, but I'd really like to fit Zhevran and Shale into it).

Of course some things aren't exactly great, like the story so far and the screwed influence system. Example: in my game: Morrigan and Dog at around 100, Sten close behind, and Wynne, Leliana and Allistar at around 50, and Zhevran only at around 20 despite me acting very, eh, pragmatic.

Edit: and unlike Chris I like all the treachery, it fits the world, and makes you suitably pragmatic/paranoid in a world with A: a civil war in the making, B: demons/magic capable of possessing/mind controlling and C: enough ethnicities/factions with competing interest to make Belgium look like a unified country.
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