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Originally Posted by CrisG View Post
Loved some parts of the game design, the locations and the landscapes but way too tracked and controlled for my taste and i got totally bored with fighting countless identical foes... and the spiders, yuck.
I agree there's too much fighting, but it doesn't bother me that much, as there is also a lot of talking. It's not like Fallout 3 where you could spend hours doing nothing but shoot things (damn you, mutants). To make matters worse, the combat system was also awful. At least DA is more tactical, which makes combat less boring.

Originally Posted by CrisG View Post
Too many aspects of the Dragon Age story just dont make sense, like what the Dragons are about, and how they relate in anyway to the hordes of blood spawn, or how this world got attacked by these evil things at all.
Obviously, nobody your PC met actually knew about those things. They have to leave something open for the sequel, no?

Anyway, I actually liked this, as it relates to our own world. When people have no proof, they make up their own stories about how something came to be. In DA's universe, it was all the Maker's doing, which may seem like lazy writing, but if you take our own universe into consideration, it might occur to you that people are far likely to accept the quick and easy explanation (a higher power did it!) than the actual truth.

Originally Posted by CrisG View Post
And too much unexplained treachery used as plot motifs, a weak tool at best. Makes one not trust anyone.
Hmm, to whom are you referring to exactly? I thought their reasons for the so called treachery were plausible enough.

Originally Posted by CrisG View Post
And the character models are way too similar, basically one handsome bearded man and one rather ugly woman. Not enough variety in them to make sense either. If one looks carefully and knows 3D figure modeling, you can see they used only a few basic protypes and that gets old fast.
Yes, but is any other game (RPG's in particular) different? Name me one RPG with a huge character model variety. AFAIK, most feature merely one or two body models for each sex. The one game that did this right was probably Vampire: Bloodlines, but only for major NPC's. Still, it remains my champion.

Originally Posted by CrisG View Post
I was impressed by the use of vids and the way they can talor them for the plot direction and the party you have. But, that is not enough ot make this anymore than a game of some large scrpted areas used over and over...and a rather boring plot and parts taken from Oblivion, The Lord of the Rings and many other tales.
I assume you're referring to Denerim? I agree that was easily the worst part of the game, and one I could do without. Still, it was a small portion of the game, so it didn't ruin the fun for me that much. I simply won't do those Denerim quests next time.

As for the plot, I thought it was rather original... or as original as a fantasy world featuring elves and dwarves can get. Frankly, it borrows more from the Witcher than Oblivion. Oblivion's universe was far more "generic" and boring, IMO.

Also, I love Sten, and nothing anyone says will make me change my opinion.

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