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Actually, I liked the way the influence system works. The key is understanding your companions' personalities.
I don't mind being able to gain innfluence through understanding them (Sten, Wynne and Zevran have almost never been in my party), what I do mind is how they don't care about major decisions they did not see. Me helping Jovan and using bloodmagic in Redcliffe should have ticked off Wynne a fair bit, even while in camp.

Morrigan and Sten are the pragmatic ones with little conscience.
Not really, Morrigan comes close but she sometimes dislike "good" actions with obvious benefit. Sten has his honor getting in the way of sence often enough (no, giving a magical sword back because the owners need money is not pragmatic when there are darkspawn about). All in all though I don't have a problem with those liking me much given how I play, however...

Wynne, Leliana and Alistair are you basic "good guys."
Theese guys should definitely not like me as much as they do. Wynne in particular shouldn't be best friends with a bloodmage who have used blood magic, helped maleficarum, made deals with demons, and sleeps with an apostate.

Edit: by the way, does anyone know how enemies levels are set? I accidentally went to frostback mountains before I wanted to, and now I wonder if it will have set the level of the creatures in Orzamar

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