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Anybody who got a chance to catch the 2009 Spide VGA got to see this:

It seems that TFU2 is going to happen in 2009. It seems that Galen Merek is still the main character, even though I don't completely understand how he survived. We know it doesn't follow the dark side ending, because that did an even bigger job of dumping on continuity (intentionally, understood, enjoyable) then the games existence period. My guess is that it follows the light side ending, even though we witness a dead Starkiller at the end of that. Now Vader faked Galen's death once in the first, it is possible that they could do it again, but I don't know. The trailer looks as though it's going to be the same exact thing as the first one, except we might get to see some Yoda.

I agree with the votes for Battlefront III. It would have so much potential on a next gen system. I think that Battlefront: Elite Squadron would go over really well on the 360 or PS3. I've yet to play RC or KOTOR, but what I've heard of KOTOR, the Sith in that game seem just as overpowered as Starkiller. I, personally, don't believe that beefing up somethings power is how you should go about making a good game. But it looks like we're getting a sequel anyway.
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