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I certainly agree that it is your goals as a person, and those advocated by your society, that define how your family is going to be, however, I think an important aspect to note, especially in modern society, is that there are variations on nuclear and extended families. While living on my own with my family technically makes me nuclear, if my parents live next door, and my aunt is across the street, I am now somewhat of a mixture between the two. I have my normal nuclear independence and control of my own home, however, I also have the support of an extended family not more than 20 feet away.

Like all things, I don't think either family style is the absolute solution, people NEED social support, more than that too, they NEED family support, which is an entirely different variety than social support. However, there is a lot of independence and freedom lost when the youth are required to take care of the elderly, and when an adult has to give up control of their household to another. People need social support, but people also need space.

I disagree that the nuclear family is the source of capitalist success, I think it is a capitalist wet dream, as the more households there are the more duplicates of things people need. However, many households that have multiple members have greatly reduced costs, as "employees" can be paid in room and board and family support than actual wages.

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