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Well it has certainly been some time since I've seen some of these names, too long even. Just a few words to a few of you

Suffo: 1... 2... 3... *Inhale*
COWB0Y: you still pwn me no matter what game we play
Fed: glad you've never changed, the world needs more consistency.
D00M: I'm still fracked off about that Voodoo3 card recommendation
Penny: loved picking your brain about html & web shiznit
S4T4N: You're Aussie lagshield was effing amazing... and your hacks too the STBU gun was an all time classic.

& to everyone I may have overlooked because im about to pass out... great gaming memories, probly some of the funnest, craziest antics ever to date. I thank you all.

Fed, Cow0y & myself currently are in WoW, Cenarius server. Anyone looking for me can probably find me on Jehova.
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